Pregnancy Update, weeks 27 and 28

Week 27:

Symptoms: While I can still sleep through the night, I started waking up with rib pain this week. I figured out that it’s because I’m a back sleeper and always end up on my back no matter what I do. I turn to my side after a while (I think it wakes me up). But it takes a good hour or so for my ribs not to feel sore anymore. Hunger level seemed back to normal.

No back pain except sometimes when I run and the baby’s head(?) rubs against the sciatica nerve. Thankfully it doesn’t last.

Craving: I’m not craving anything sweet per say but I do enjoy finishing my meals with something sweet.

Medical: I took the 1 hour glucose tolerance test and I passed. Yeah! I did avoid all sweets the day before just in case, but I was way below the threshold anyway with a result of 96. I’m sure keeping up with running helps a lot with it. But it’s still nice to know I don’t have to be on a restricted diet or something like that.

The Belly:  Growing and growing. I’m sure it doesn’t help with how my ribs feel. I’m pretty tiny so it’s starting to press against the ribs too. It definitely feels heavier now. I’m having to adjust things around a little more as I sit down and just be more aware that it’s here.

Mood: Very relaxed after Thanksgiving.

Workout: I ran a little less due to one long hike we did this week. I’m glad I didn’t push it anymore than that. It was definitely a colder week. My shortest run didn’t require any break which is a surprise for me those days. I had a good 4ish miles run in the park but as I was cooling off my knee felt sore. I was worried I might have injured it but it was fine the next day, so I have no idea what that was all about.The coolest part about this run was when I was cooling off and this lady started talking to me. She talked about how it motivated her to get back into running to see me run pregnant. She was working on a run/walk program after not running for a while. It really made me happy to feel that I could inspire someone to keep up their running efforts.

I was planning to run on Friday but we met a friend and decided to go on a hike instead. I am very glad I skipped the run since we hiked a good 7.5 miles. While a lot of it was flat it was still a good workout and I even got a small blister.t r

My last run of the week was probably my favorite. I went for a late afternoon run and at first the baby was pressing on the sciatica nerve, but the pain eased and I was feeling good and “speedy” even (Ok I passed only one person but still). It motivated me to run a little longer but I had to stop due to the night falling.

Sunday: Prenatal yoga + 2.78mi @9:11 pace, road.
Tuesday: 4.66 mi @10:08 pace, road
Wednesday: 30mns of yoga at home
Friday: 7.5mi hike on the Art Loeb trail.
Saturday: 5.36mi @9:37 pace, road
Total: 12.8 mi run

Week 28:

Symptoms: Still dealing with sore ribs every morning. My chiropractor felt it was due to landing on my back too. I added more pillows in our bed and it has improved a bit but it depends on the nights. The hard part is that once I wake up enough to feel the soreness I can’t go back to sleep. It makes snuggling a lot harder too.

The Belly: I got a few baby hiccups this week (started feeling those around Thanksgiving). Bending over is no longer and option, I have to bend with my knees to grab anything that fell on the floor. It also feels heavier and heavier. I can tell the baby is gaining weight. The kid has been mostly head down and transverse (feet in my liver) but it still has a lot of space to move and when it does it feels really weird. The kicking is fun, the gymnastics can make me feel slightly nauseous.

Weight Gain: I’m up 4 pounds since last month. I know my midwives weren’t worried about my tiny weight gain but I still feel so relieved to finally be gaining weight the way most pregnant women do. So total weight gain so far is 13 pounds. I know I should be thankfully my weight hasn’t exploded since I got pregnant.

Medical: I was measuring at about 27cm at my appointment. Baby’s heart beat was around 148-152. My blood pressure a healthy (zombie like) 105/54 (Blood pressure drops during pregnancy). Everything looks good so far.

Mood: Holly molly, it’s the third trimester and I still haven’t tackled my to-do list! It’s a little overwhelming to think that in about 3 months the Lil’One will be there and we still need to register, find a pediatrician and I hear even look for daycare already.
We also did our Christmas tree and I realized that next year we will need an extra Christmas Stocking on the fire mantel. We did tackle a trip to Ikea and found a great chair for nursing and some shelving for the room.

Random: My husband got sick with a fever and I’m crossing my fingers that it’s not contagious.

Workout: A good week overall. I was able to run three times and also went for a little walk which felt wonderful. It was an unusually warm week. On the plus side my husband did some of the runs with me. Some runs felt great, others had the baby really low and it made it a little more uncomfortable. I’ve been thinking more and more about getting a support belt. Well it turns out I get to try one for PreggiePals, can’t wait to see if it helps!

Sunday: Morning walk while my husband ran. Prenatal yoga
Tuesday: 2.99 @10:08 pace, road
Friday: 5.36 @10:36 pace, road
Saturday: 3.32 @10:09
Total: 11.67 mi run


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