Pregnancy Update: Week 29 & 30

Week 29:


Symptoms: Still some rib pain as I wake up but the chiropractic care seems to help. A little heartburn here and there. Feeling big. I’m being more sensitive to smells again. Can’t stand peanut butter near me.

Craving: Grapefruits, also cereals with almond milk at night as it seems to ease heartburn when I get it.


The Belly: Lil’One is most often than not on my right side. Still a little transverse. Most of my non pregnancy sweater don’t fit anymore, they’re too short.

Mood: I’ve felt a lore more moody and needy this week.

Random: Went on a trip to Ikea. We got a shelf system and the Poang Chair which I plan to use for nursing. This resulted in a little bit of nesting at home and turned our guest bedroom into this (with still a lot to do):

Workout: I received a pregnancy support belt via Preggie Pals and tried it during some of the runs. It felt to me that there was more pressure on the bladder, although it did provide a little bit of belly support. I want to try it more because I am not sold on it yet. My hamstring bothered me a little on one of the runs.

Sunday: Prenatal yoga
Tuesday: 3.66 @10:09 pace
Thursday: 2.79mi @9:08 pace, road
Saturday:  3mi @9:46 pace, road
Total:  9.45mi run


Week 30:

Symptoms: Got really tired tone day. To the point that I thought I was getting sick, even a nap didn’t help. I finally felt good enough in the evening to go out on a day with Hubby.

The Belly: I know most people tell me I’m tiny but I look at it and I wonder how much bigger it’s going to get.

Mood: So much to do. Vaccines, registry, pediatrician. This is really overwhelming and stressing me out a little. Work is crazy busy too.

Random: We did most of our registry, I just need to work on a few more things.

Workout: My pace and the amount of breaks needed really vary with the position of the baby. Sometimes I can run without taking a break, other times I have to walk several times. My husband tries to come with me, but it makes it hard for me to try to keep up, even if he is slowing down for me.

Sunday:  Prenatal yoga
Monday: 4.66 @10:08 pace, road
Wednesday: 3.35 @10:22 pace, road
Friday: 3.66 @10:35
Total: 11.67 mi run


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