Pregnancy Update: Week 31 and 32

Week 31

Symptoms: A lot of baby’s movements. Less kicks, but I’m having a lot of fun just looking at the waves and little body parts that seem to stick out. I had another dream with a little body part sticking out, this time it was a foot, but it was sticking out under the skin of my upper thigh which is not where it should be at all!

The Belly: Is getting heavier and more and more in the way.

Mood: Freak out mode. This baby’s arrival is getting way closer and I still feel that I haven’t finished a lot of things. Vaccines? Diapers? Why didn’t I get started with that six months ago?

Random: We had a surprise visit from my in-laws. Thankfully some people dear to my heart gave us a heads up, so it actually went well. I can’t imagine if they had just showed up with us having no clue. The stress of it would not have been fun (I haven’t spoken to my MIL since July and there has been a lot of tension between us).

Workout:I didn’t run much this week due to Christmas. I wanted to enjoy some quality family time instead. I had one of the best run I had in a long time. Even though the baby wasn’t in the best position my 4.66mi run was so enjoyable because the rest of my body felt really good.

Thursday: 3.35 @10:95 pace, road
Saturday: 4.66 @10:21, road
Total: 8.01 mi run

Week 32:

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks! Aka practice contractions. I didn’t realize I had any until my chiropractor one day, followed by the midwife the next pointed it out “You’re having a contraction”. Me: “Really?”. I’m now trying to pay attention to them more and figure out when I feel them. I’ve been told the belly gets tighter and harder but I’m not sure that I feel them or if it’s my imagination. It seems that I had a few after the midwife appointment. Maybe because she manipulated my belly a lot?

Belly: Hasn’t grown according to the midwives although I could swear to you that it has. Still 30cm which is a little low considering I was almost 33 weeks

Weight Gain: 0 in a month 😦 I’m still only up by 13 pounds. You would think I eat enough to gain weight, but nope. I have no idea where everything I eat goes.

Medical: My belly measured about the same as it did two weeks ago. It puts me at 30cm for 33 weeks which is a little borderline. My midwife expressed concern about it. She asked what I eat, if I’ve ever had anorexia (this woman does not see me eat!),  and then when I mentioned running raised an eyebrow and asked me to stop doing so because it could be a cause of my low weight gain

On my hand, I’ve been reading more about nutrition during pregnancy and came to the conclusion that I wasn’t having enough proteins. I asked: “Well what can I eat to help?”, her answer? “proteins, but not proteins supplements and powders which just make you bulk up”. Ah! I knew it. Ok, now on to increasing proteins in my diet. It’s also been the two busiest weeks of the year at work and I’m sure I wasn’t eating as well, dealing with stress, complaining guests and a lot more. I’ve been on my feet more and probably drinking less water.  I doubt it helped.

Mood: A little  freaked out at the idea that Lil’Pumpkin is not growing enough and I feel responsible because I haven’t been eating enough proteins it seems.

Overwhelmed with the question of vaccines. There are so many more here than what I had as I grew up in France and I don’t agree with all of them. It means that we have so much research to do so we can come to a compromise with our yet to be found pediatrician. The thought of going against the mainstream is exhausting.

Workout: My first run of the year was pretty good. I managed to beat the rain and felt well. The next one not so much. I was feeling achy and went for a run hopping to clear things up, instead I started getting what felt like shin splits and I had to cut it short. Of course right after that I was told not to run for at least a week. I hope this is not my last pregnant run!

Tuesday: 2.37 @9:50 pace, road
Thursday: 2.62@10:54, road
Total: 4.99 mi run


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