Running, Walking and Relaxin

So running may or may not be over for now. I didn’t run for a week because I was asked not to by my midwife. I wasn’t gaining enough weight and she thought running may not be a good idea because of it.I wasn’t sure that was really the case because I had only run about 4-6 miles/week in the last two weeks prior my appointment which isn’t much for me.

I thought part of the issue was not having enough protein (based on the requirements). So I didn’t run but walked with her approval and increased the protein to meet 70 grams/day. I put on 3 very much needed pounds in a week. As a result I am now allowed to run again. Which is great.

However the relaxin is starting to affect me and I can tell my joints are loosening up. Especially my left hip. So we’ll see. I may attempt a run and see how it goes, or I may just stick to walking until post pregnancy.


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