Pregnancy Update: Week 33 & 34

Week 33

Symptoms: Still craving citrus and mostly grapefruit. Heartburn is coming back. It doesn’t’ seem to matter what I eat I started getting it more toward the end of the week. I’ve been more hungry lately and feeling Braxton Hicks more. It suddenly gets a little harder to breathe, like my lungs are tighter and then I feel my belly and find it to be really hard.

The Belly: Grew! 🙂 It was 32cm, well almost.

Weight Gain: +3 pounds, which makes it 16 pounds so far. Still not much compared to the average but hey, I’ll take anything at this point.

Medical: Due to the low weight gain measured last week I had to go back in sooner than normal. BP: 110/50 which is very good, baby’s heartbeat was 140. The midwife was happy to see that I gained weight and told me to continue whatever I did. I even asked if running was ok and she said yes. Not sure if that will happen or not but it’s nice to know I have the option. She did say that walking is probably easier on my body at this point but to go with my comfort level.

Mood: Most of the week was spent in a bit of a stress mode due to my low weight gain. I felt like I was failing this baby a little by maybe not eating what I needed or having too fast of a metabolism. Hubby tried to cheer my up, he didn’t really believe in what the midwives said, felt I could still run and everything but I didn’t want to take any risks. The Braxton Hicks are making me realize how close we are to meeting this little one. I hope it continues to “cook” for a while.

Random: Very short staffed at work and having to pull some very long days here and there.

Workout: Absolutely no running this week. Walking only. I haven’t been able to go to prenatal yoga lately due to our crazy schedule so I’ve been practicing a bit at home but didn’t write down which days. Walking has been really nice, I do miss running a little but as long as I can go outside.

Sunday: 1.26mi walk
Monday: 1.36mi walk
Tuesday: 1.54mi walk
Wednesday: 1.25mi
Thursday: swimming, 10 laps at the Grove Park Inn Spa
Friday: yoga
Saturday: 1.93mi walk
Total: 7.34 mi

Week 34

Symptoms: Hello relaxin! My left hip, which coincidentally is the one I sleep on the most, has started bugging me. I feel it when I walk. If I put my hand against my hip I can sometimes feel a little pop as I move. It feels like the joint is loosening up and things are stretching in a not so comfortable way.

I also find myself waking up more at night to turn around in bed (which is starting to be a process) to find a comfortable position. It’s also harder to sit comfortably on the sofa at night.

Heartburn is back too, no matter what I eat or how slowly. I’m having to take some calcium to help. The cereals and almond milk alone don’t seem to do the trick anymore.

The Belly: Looks like I swallowed a giant basketball.

Mood: Relieved that I’m growing again. My husband and a friend had to remind me that pregnancy is not a one size fits all and I may just be growing differently. I’m having a bit of a harder time dealing with all the “Oh you still look so tiny”, “you’re not showing much for 8 months” kind of comments which make me feel very aware of my low weight gain.

Random: I fell asleep in front of the TV. My husband got highly amused because it seems the Lil’One was dancing the samba in there and it did not even fathom me. I was out in lalaland.

I’m getting a lot of  “You finally look pregnant” comments at work. I think my work uniform hides my pregnancy a lot, even though I have maternity clothes they didn’t have them in XS. So yes, it took me 8 months to look pregnant.

Workout: Not much walking due to a lot of rain at the beginning of the week. However on Wednesday the sun showed up for about 30  min. Since I had just had a chiropractor adjustment I figured I would give it a shot and we went on a jog/walk with Hubby who was super patient with my very slow pace. I ran for almost ten minutes and then alternated jogging and walking for the rest of our outing. Not much exercise this week I guess.

Monday:  yoga.
Wednesday: 2.06mi @12:59 of jog/walk
Friday:  yoga and 1.32mi walk
Saturday: 3.32 @10:09
Total: 5.38 mi

3 comments on “Pregnancy Update: Week 33 & 34

  1. Chaque grossesse est diffĂ©rente. Mais pour les 2 miennes, j’ai pris 5 puis 7 kg. Sans que ca ne pose de souci aux sages femmes qui m’ont suivie ( une française puis un australienne).

    • Merci, ça rassure. Je pense que ce qui les inquiĂ©tais c’est que la hauteur utĂ©rine n’avait quasiment pas change en 15 jours. Mais je pense que j’ai tendance a prendre du poids en escalier aussi. Rien pendant un moment et puis hop d’un coup ca monte.

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