Pregnancy 35 Week Update

Week 35

Me, the Lil’Pumpkin and my awesome Christmas boots


Symptoms: A good series of Braxton-Hicks this Saturday while dealing with a difficult guest. It made me worry for a while that it was happening a little too often so I even started timing it. Thankfully they came every 20-30min apart and then stopped after two hours.

Heartburn, heartburn and more heartburn. It’s not too bad of a heartburn but I’ve been having to take something for it more often than I used to. I had bleeding gums again. I did a few weeks ago but brushed it off. Mmh, maybe I should remember to floss a little more… Oh and I also got awakened with a really bad leg cramp. I’m surprised I didn’t scream and wake up my husband in the middle of the night. I could still feel the tightness in the muscle all day long after it.

Since Wednesday I’ve also started experiencing some pelvic discomfort. My guess is that the Lil’One is starting to come down a bit. Yeah, that’s always a good sign. Although I’m quite fine with some more “cooking”.

The Belly: It feels so much heavier and bigger to me. It was at 33cm this week, so a little behind but within the norm at least. Movements: tons, especially around 9pm when it’s Samba time for the Pumpkin.

Weight gain: +3 pounds which puts me at 19 pounds so far 🙂

Medical:  GBS test this week which came out negative! Yeah. The midwife answered a lot of questions for me which was good. While I’m not very big she wasn’t very concerned this time. I eat, I’m hungry and I eat. I do gain weight. I think she also realized that I am small and as she said it’s unlikely I’ll have a big baby. Lil’one’s heart beat was good (no number). My BP first came out at 122/70 which is high for me, but the midwife thought it could be due to the sweater creating a double tourniquet, so I removed it, she took it again and it was 110/60 which is what I usually get. So all good.

Mood: We had our baby shower, which was great. Wonderful people came, there were silly games and good food. We did get a few of the things we asked for, however, not that I’m ungrateful but come on people we made a registry for a reason. I don’t need one gazillion newborn onesies. What we need is a car seat (thank you people giving us gift cards, it will be put to good use), a nail clipper for babies, a humidifier, you know the useful stuff! Oh yes and if you are buying us stuff we didn’t ask for, how about you give us a receipt and don’t rip off the tags too? Thank you very much.

Random: Some people at work are just now realizing I’m pregnant believe it or not. Two in three days, that is not a coincidence. I know I’m small but really? Really people? “When are you expecting, I just found out”… “err, next month!”. I mean, I know my work clothes are a size up from what I would normally wear (they couldn’t find me an XS pregnancy outfit), but still. This ain’t doughnuts people. I do find this more amusing than anything else though.

Workout: My crazy schedule and some wintry weather made it harder to go outside this week. I still managed to go on several walks and even a little hike with my husband, which is nice. At this point I don’t know that I’ll be able to run until post-baby. I think the pelvic discomfort is going to make it difficult. But at least prenatal yoga has been good to my body.

Sunday: 1.8 mi walk, prenatal yoga
Monday: 1.36mi walk
Wednesday: 1.36mi walk
Thursday: 2.75mi walk
Friday: yoga at home
Total: 7.27 mi

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