Pregnancy 36 Weeks Update

Week 36

 Symptoms: Braxton-Hicks are coming more often. Nothing regular yet. Some days I barely feel them, some days I do several times in an hour. My chiropractor has helped with the heartburn, it hasn’t been as bad.
Baby has definitely started to drop, I can’t feel it all the time but sometimes when I get up or walk, or after walking for a while I just have to slow down based on some discomfort and odd feelings in the pelvis.
I’ve been getting more hungry too. I feel like a Hobbit having a first breakfast as I wake up, followed by a second breakfast with my husband, then a snack, then lunch, then a snack, then dinner and sometimes cereals and almond milk before I go to bed. How do I not gain weight with all that???

The Belly: 31cm which was less than last week and a sign that the baby dropped.

Weight gain: No change since last week.

Medical:  Baby dropped. Heartbeat was in the 130’s. My BP 108/60. The midwife wasn’t concerned about the belly’s size since as she said it’s a sign that the baby had dropped.

Mood: Happy. We received some good news for my husband and it lifts a huge financial weight from our shoulders. I had refused to stress about the situation, but still it’s good to know that things will be ok in the next weeks. Almost full term which seems hard to believe.

Random: My husband is nesting for the two of us. The house is pristine.

Workout: With the baby being further down I’ve given up on the chance to get back to running pre-baby. I did run for a couple of yards here and there during hikes, but I haven’t tried a real run. In a way I miss it but at the same time I’m ok slowing down and taking it easy until we meet our Lil’One. I guess I’ll just have to start from scratch post baby.  I just need to take more time for yoga for now.
Sunday:  prenatal yoga
Monday: 1.9mi walk
Thursday: 1.3mi walk, trail
Friday: Yoga at home
Saturday: 1.4mi hike, trail
Total: 4.6 mi

I can still look like I’m not pregnant, explain this to me?


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