Pregnancy Update 37 Weeks

 Symptoms: Braxton-Hicks contractions seem to continue to increase in both amount and intensity. Less heartburn this week but more sensations in my pelvis. I definitely feel big, but I don’t feel uncomfortable and ready to not be pregnant yet which makes me think this Lil’One still needs to cook.

The Belly: 34 cm.

Weight gain: -0.5lbs.

Medical:  Heartbeat was in the 140’s. My BP 110/75. The midwife estimated the baby to be around 5 1/2 pounds at this point. So it still needs to put on some weight if you ask me. Grow baby grow!

Mood: Wait what? I’m full term? Nah!!! While I know the chances of having this baby at 37 weeks are slim, I am still entering the official full term window. This Lil’One could come at any point within the next 4ish weeks. I’m not sure I really feel ready for this. I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the concept of what having a child means.

Workout: This turned out to be a good active week. The weather was pleasant allowing for several nice walks at the beginning of the week. I definitely have to slow down at times based on how the baby is positioned though. Then on Friday my husband wanted to go on a run and offered for me to hike in the meantime. Well… I didn’t want to, I wanted to try to run. So I did. Well it was more of a jog walk, but still! All the uphill had to be walked but I still felt pretty good and surprised my husband by going faster than he had expected. I guess I’m still in shape after all 🙂

Sunday:  prenatal yoga
Monday: 1.8mi walk
Tuesday: 1.17mi walk
Wednesday 1.26mi walk
Thursday: 1.3mi walk, trail
Friday: 1.92mi @13:37 pace, trail
Saturday: 2.36mi hike, trail
Total: 9.81 mi


2 comments on “Pregnancy Update 37 Weeks

  1. What a great pregnancy. Nearly the end … youhou…. new life after that. or different one for sure. Enjoy the last days with your little one in…

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