Pregnancy Update Week 38

Symptoms: Same as last week really. Just more  and stronger Braxton Hicks. Baby is continuing to drop a little bit at at a time. I still sleep through the night, just wake up once or twice to use the bathroom. Sometimes the baby feels lower than others and I have to slow down and adjust my walking accordingly.

The Belly: 34 cm. No change.

Weight gain: none. Well actually without boots I would have been at-2 lbs. But I couldn’t remember if I kept my shoes on or not last time. It worries me at times but I was reading this pamphlet from our hospital and it’s not uncommon to loose weight at the end of pregnancy, the amniotic fluid level is lower, the body starts sweating out excess fluids, etc. So I guess I’m ok.

Medical:  Heartbeat was in the 130’s. My BP 120/75. The baby is very much to the right and my midwife gave me some laying down instructions to try to bring it more to the middle and avoid a posterior baby. At least I think that’s what she said. I got my first cervical check but didn’t want to know if I was dilated. So all I was told is high and soft.

Mood: Half of me is ready for this baby to come. I can’t wait to meet him or her and become parents. The other half just can’t seem to visualize what life will be like and is anxious about everything from birthing to taking the baby home. As a result I feel often like I’m almost in denial that this is happening. I know I’m pregnant, but it seems to me that I’m still going to be pregnant forever and I just keep on with my usual business. Being at work helps to keep me busy, but I wonder sometimes if it makes it harder to prepare myself mentally for what will happen?

Workout: An easy week overall. I did some yoga at home but can’t remember which day. No attempt to run this week, I was happy with some easy walking just to get some fresh air.

Wednesday: 1.44mi walk
Thursday: 1.4mi walk
Friday: 1.4 mi walk

Total: 4.24mi

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