Pregnancy Update: 39 weeks

39 weeks  vs.  39 weeks 6 days, in labor!

Symptoms: The beginning of the week was as usual. Hip soreness as I woke up, needed to pee often, etc. However on Monday I started really feeling the end of pregnancy. I had a much harder time sleeping and was more tired as a result. I look forward to being able to sleep on my back again. I’m ready for the Pumpkin to show up.

39w. 5 days: Beginning of contractions, not painful, stopped overnight but not Braxton-Hicks either. Nauseous around lunch.
39w 6d: Lost cervical plug, started labor…

The Belly: ?

Weight gain: ?

Medical: Never had my appointment due to going into labor the day I was supposed to.

Mood: Tired of being pregnant finally. I think it’s a good sign.

Workout: Easy walks, hoping to get labor started. On Thursday I went on a walk while in labor, in the park, where I went to run so many times during pregnancy. It was the slowest walk I’ve ever done…
Monday: 2.21 Walk
Tuesday: 1.62 walk
Thursday: 1 mile, walk.

Total: 4.283i


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