25 & 26 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Week 25:

Symptoms: Daily kicks. It seems that Indian food triggers a lot of kicks and also some weird pregnancy dreams (aka I could see the face of the baby pressed against my belly). Starting to get a sore back too. Hungry. I’ve been eating a lot this week you would think I was being starved. I think it’s a good thing given that I haven’t gain all that much weight yet.

I experienced a wave of nausea while out camping. No fun, I thought I was about to throw up and kept on spitting. In insight I should not have taken my prenatal vitamin with only tea in my belly. Lesson learned, food has to come with it.

Colostrum, enough said (it’s been about a month since it started mind you).

Craving: Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers. Couldn’t find any on the road so I had to skip it.

The Belly: So far using Belly Cream on a daily basis has helped a lot. I don’t know that it does anything for stretch marks or not (none yet) but it sure helps to keep it moist. Avoiding an itchy belly as we get into the drier month is key. I also finally look pregnant to other people it seems. Although some still don’t notice (do they really think I ate that many doughnuts???). It’s getting in the way of things a little and it’s only the beginning.

Mood: Great, we went on a babymoon with my husband. It was so relaxing, refreshing and such a great thing for the two of us, especially with the family drama we’re dealing with on his side. It was just awesome to get out of the house, the town and go on a road trip. We went to the Okefenokee Swamp, GA and Horse Pens 40, AL. It was beautiful.

Workout: Not much on the running front, two short runs since we were on vacation and did other things. But we got a good mix of activities with paddling, climbing, hiking as well.

Sunday: Prenatal yoga
Tuesday: 2.35 mi @9:52 pace, road
Wednesday: 2 hours or so paddling on the Okefenokee Swamp
Friday: Hike/Walk 1.5 miles, climbed two bouldering routes
Saturday: 2.5mi @9:56 pace, trails
Total: 4.85mi run

Week 26:

At Horse Pens 40

Symptoms: Sore back from camping for two days, improved greatly by yoga and chiropractic adjustments. Daily kicks. Still hungry but not as bad as last week. My ankles and feet are starting to hurt a bit when I run, I guess my gait is changing? My shoes have over 400 miles on them too mind you but I don’t feel it’s the time for brand new shoes given that my body is changing daily. I may just have to use my trail running shoes instead.

The Belly:  Tying my shoes is starting to get difficult. I think I know why pregnant women wear flip flops: no laces! Putting on panty hose can be a bit of a workout too. I can’t reach things as high up also because well the belly doesn’t allow me to get as close to things.

Mood: Relaxed from our babymoon. I have a laundry list of things to do however and I know I need to get myself into it so I don’t stress out at the end.

Workout: I had one easy run on a hilly loop which required a lot of walking breaks, my hips were a little sore too. My post Thanksgiving run however was lovely. Ok my feet and ankle hurt a little, as my sister-in-law said, my gait is probably changing a lot at this point. But I only needed one pee break, not bad for a 56 mns run. Not to mention that both my sister-in-law and husband ran with me, even though I was being super slow. It was an awesome family moment in my opinion.

Other than that I’m trying to practice yoga in between the classes, it really helps with my back and other sore body parts I think. And I went on a small hike in Rumbling Bald, following my husband and his friend who went bouldering. I put the hammock up instead and read in the cold wind. I feel like getting active weeks like this with a variety of sports.

Sunday: Prenatal yoga
Tuesday: 3.1 @10:16 pace, road
Wednesday: 30 mns of yoga at home
Friday: 5.36 @10:32 pace, road
Saturday: 2.5-3 mile hike
Total: 8.17 mi run

PS: Did you enter for a chance to win an entry to the Blue Ridge Marathon yet?


An Active Day Off Is a Relaxing Day

Bouldering at Rumbling BaldI’ve had days off when I felt like I did nothing productive. Sure I talked to my family overseas, paid bills, but I stayed inside all day and ended up feeling more tired by the end of the day than I should. Feeling relaxed seems likes a dichotomy when it comes to me. See yesterday for example

I woke up at 7am to join my running group on the Mountain to Sea Trail. We ran 5.3 miles in the cold, temperatures were in the high 20’s. I could have stayed home under the warm blankets, but I found more motivation and satisfaction in knowing that I would get to not only run but hang out with fellow runners.

I came back home, showered and made brunch: sautéed fingerlings potatoes with eggs while my husband fried eggs. We ate at our breakfast table in the kitchen, soaking in the sun pouring through the south windows.

I changed clothes for the third time that day. It was his day off too and he wanted to go bouldering. So we went. It wasn’t as warm as expected, only in the high 40’s, low 50’s, the sun barely peaking through the clouds. We met with a friend at the amazing bouldering field of Rumbling Bald. A site almost destroyed by developers and saved right on time by the Climbers Coalition and the title of State Park.Bouldering in November

While bouldering is intense when you are climbing, I always end up having a chill afternoon, walking first to the boulders, watching my husband and friends climb and make it look easy. Then here I am struggling to do a few easy problems (bouldering routes). I really only climb for brief amounts of time but it sure is intense on the arm muscles. A great cross-training sport to be honest.

Then we went home, did a few groceries, I made us some flounder fish “burgers” with mayo, Thai curry paste, green onions and lime; served it with green beans and fried onion rings while we watched the football games.

So it was a busy day off and yet I feel more rested than I have all week.

What makes you feel rested?


Half Marathon Training Week 5

Sea Kayaking in Ketchikan's Orcas Cove

I had to reorganize the whole week as we were flying out to Alaska Thursday night and I had a 15 mile run planned that week. Had I run it on the week-end at usual I would have had to do it on the cruise ship (which meant the dreadmill), no thanks, or on a stop Sunday but I couldn’t because we had sea-kayaking planned in Ketchikan. So instead I did my long run at the beginning of the week and the speedwork on the boat. It was a good decision.

Long Run: Half Marathon Course +2 miles
Goal: 15 miles @10:09 pace

Being that it would be my last run of 13mi or above I decided to run the course for the HM. I made the mistake to print the directions too small which resulted in having to stop at intersection to check where I was going (and stop the watch) and taking a few wrong turns. I added an extra lap around Beaverdam Lake to get me to 15mi.
The course was a little harder than I expected, partly because of all the turns, but also because it’s a bit of a roller coaster. I made it through though and with temperatures in the 70’s it wasn’t the hardest run I did this summer.
I felt like I was going slow to be honest, but surprisingly I was going at a much faster pace than needed. I guess it’s all about the perceived effort isn’t it?
I do look forward to see if I can improve my pace with an early morning run or not.

15.24 miles in 2h20’42” @9:13 pace

Group Tempo
Goal: 5 miles @9:34 pace

We met in Bent Creek. The goal was to go up North Boundary Rd for 30mns and turnaround. I have no clue how far we went exactly because starting a certain point it all looked the same. But my guess is about 3 miles up? On the way down I ran with a long legged fast guy, we were chatting and I had fun attempting to keep up. To be honest he adjusted his pace so I could because he could have gone a lot faster. We hoped off the forest rd after that for a blissful stretch on a dirt trail before heading back to the parking lot. There everyone turned to me and said “you’re still alive?”. I guess they expected me to be beat after following him but I actually really enjoyed the challenge.
I only talked with him for so long though, once we were done with the downhill and on the trail I had to focus on my running and save my breath.
Rice Pinacle->North Boundary-> turned back around-> Ledford trail ->Wold Branch->Deer Lake Lodge

7.37 miles (give or take) in 1h01’18” @8:19 pace

Speedwork on a Cruise Ship
Goal 10-20mns warm-up, 10x400m @8:35-8:30 pace 10mn cool-off.

I woke up right before 6am thanks to jet lag. All I could think about was to go on a run on the deck, enjoy the scenery and feel the coolness.
I was told it was 6 laps to a mile so I based my run on that. I knew I wouldn’t be able to be accurate to 400m. I wore my running skirt and didn’t need any water. I did get quite a few comments from other runners which was kind of fun. Later that week I met a mom and her son in our hallway and she too commented how was I was going. It wasn’t until I computed the times that I realized how fast. Alaska is really good for me.

1mi @9:24 pace in 9’24
510m repeats @6:15,6:18, 6:40, 6:40, 6:28, 6:34, 6:31, 6:31, 6:37, 6:21
in 1’59”, 2:00″, 2’07”, 2’07”, 2’03”, 2’05”, 2’04”, 2’04”, 2’06”, 2’01”
1mi @ 11:50 pace in 11’50

I’ve never run under 7:00 pace that I can recall. Totally shocked, impressed and happy with that. I just felt like it.

Cross training included sea kayaking in Katchikan with the wonderful Southeast Sea Kayakwhere we saw a whale bubble feeding. Amazing!

Humpback Whale at Orcas Cove, Katchikan, AK

Half Marathon Training: Week 10

Courthouse Falls

Week 10 of the training was a hot week. The kind of week when you wish you could jump in the above waterfall at the end of a run. No such luck but thankfully it cooled down by the week-end. In retrospect it wasn’t so bad compared to heat the entire country is dealing with this week.

Monday Speedwork
10-20 minute warm-up, 2 x (6 x 400m) @8:19 pace, 10 minutes cool off

I ran from home to the park, did the speedwork and ran back home.
I did not do what was expected. Knowing that I was running back and how hot I was I cut short the speedwork and skipped the last two repeats.
It was officially 88°F outside but it sure felt like more. I was covered in little sweat drops by the time I got home, it was quite fascinating to watch.

On the plus side I officially turned 28 while running (based on my birthtime at home). What a good way to start the year.

1.73 miles in 15’45” @09:06 pace
400m repeats @ 07:14, 07:06, 07:02, 07:06, 07:10, 07:06, 07:18, 07:22, 07:14, 07:18 (time: 1’45”->1’50”)
1.52 miles in 15’488 @10:30 pace

Maybe I should have ran slower and done all 12 repeats…

Wednesday Tempo Run
Goal:1 mile easy, 2 miles @ 9:34 pace, 1 mile easy, 2 miles @ 9:34 pace, 1 mile easy
I ran with the Diamond Brand group on the MST. It felt hot and humid again. It was just a blah run. I did better than the last time I ran on that same course, but still not as good as I had hoped. The rain threatened but never came, it would have been a welcomed relief. The coconut water after the run was however totally awesome.

6.4 miles at 10:00 pace average in 1h04’02”

Long Run
Goal 8 miles @9:54 pace (PHMP +15s)

This lovely cool wave came over the week-end. It just felt awesome and I as a result I couldn’t help myself from running more and making the best of this weather. Looking back I probably should have tried to do my 13 miles run that week. I just had a blast running out on the trail, enjoying the coolness of the air and getting complimented on my stride.

9.2 miles @ 9:06 pace in 1h23’37”

I also had a good yoga class on Thursday and a 30mn bike ride on Sunday. Overall a great week for me. Now if only the coolness would have lasted.

Il faisait chaud durant la 10e semaine d’entrainement. Le genre de semaine ou j’aurais bien sauté dans la cascade ci-dessus aprés avoir couru. Ce n’étais pas le cas mais les températures sont descendues en fin de semaine. Retrospectivement ce n’était pas si terrible comparé aux températures de cette semaine dans le pays.

Exercice de Vitesse du Lundi
Objectif: 10-20mn d’échauffement, 2x (6x400m) @ allure de 8:19, 10 minutes tranquile.

J’ai couru depuis la maison jusqu’au parc, fait les exercices de vitesse et couru pour rentrer à la maison.
Je n’ai pas fait autant que prévu. Sachant qu’il me fallait rentrer et vu la chaleur j’ai raccourci l’exercice en sautant les deux derniers 400m.
Il faisait officiellement 31°C mais on aurait dit bien plus. J’étais couverte de gouttelettes d’eau en rentrant à la maison, c’était assez fascinant à regarder.

Pour le coté positif j’ai officiellement changé d’age pendant que je courrais (vu mon heure de naissance en France). Une bonne facon de commencer mes 28ans.

1.73 miles en 15’45” allure de 09:06
séries de 400m @ 07:14, 07:06, 07:02, 07:06, 07:10, 07:06, 07:18, 07:22, 07:14, 07:18 (time: 1’45”->1’50”)
1.52 miles in 15’488 @ allure de 10:30

J’aurais peut etre du courir moins vite mais faire 12 séries…

Course Tempo du Mercredi.
Objectif: 1 mile facile, 2 miles @ allure 9:34, 1 mile facile, 2 miles @ allure 9:34, 1 mile facile

J’ai couru avec le groupe de Diamond Brand sur le sentier du MST. Il faisait chaud et humide. Ma course était bof bof. J’ai quand même fait mieux que la dernière fois sur le même parcours, mais pas aussi bien que ce que je souhaitais. La pluie menacais mais n’est jamais tombée, s’eut été agréable. Par contre l’eau de noix de coco aprés c’était génial.

6.4 miles a une allure de 10:00 en 1h04’02”

Longue Course
Objectif: 8 miles a une allure de 9:54 (Allure du Semi Marathon Prevue +15s)

Une fort agréable vague de fraicheur est arrivée avec le week-end. C’était vraiment agréable et du coup je n’ai pas pu m’empecher de rajouter quelques iles pour profiter des températures. A y réfléchir aujourd’hui j’aurais aussi bien fait de faire ma course de 13 miles cette semaine la. Enfin, ce qui est fait est fait. Je me suis vraiment fait plaisir sur les sentier, a profiter de la fraicheur et a me faire complimenter sur ma foulée.

9.2 miles à une allure de 9:06 en 1h23’37”

J’ai aussi fait un cours de yoga jeudi et 30mn de vélo samedi. Donc une bonne semaine. Si seulement la fraicheur avait pu durer…

Hiking Over Running?

This week is “Week 9” of my training, which means that I’m supposed to do a 13 miles run. My first ever 13 miles run! The distance (or almost) of the Half-Marathon. So it’s a big deal for me.

However, my sister in-law and her husband are going to be in town. We’re not talking about the regular in-laws visit where you can sneak out at the crack of down and get your run here. Nope. They’re planning to hike Mt. Rainier in August and want to do training hikes with us. So we have planned two 11-12 miles hike on Friday and Saturday. With 8h hikes both days I don’t think I’ll have the energy to run on top of it. Which leaves me Sunday and with the heat I’m not sure I’ll be able to fit it.

So worth come to worth I guess I’ll do a 13 miles run next week instead of a 10 miles run. It will make it easier to deal with the next long run of 14 miles.

How do you handle a change in your training like that, is there any rule you follow?

27.5 Miles of Crosstraining on the Black Mountain Crest Trail

44km d’Entrainement Complémentaire sur le Black Mountain Crest Trail
Black Mountain Crest TrailThis week my husband and I were on vacation. While I didn’t run as much I did exercise as  we took it upon ourselves to hike the Black Mountain Crest Trail.  This trail is said to be one of the most difficult on the East coast. I can’t tell for sure as I don’t have much to compare it to, but it was definitely a hands on experience.

We actually started by hiking up the Big Butt Trail from Cane River Gap. I think it’s a more gentle uphill. We then followed the MST (Mountain to Sea Trail) and spent our first night on the crest of Potato Knob.

The next day was the toughest, after following the MST we reached Mt Mitchell, highest peak east of the Mississippi and then started on the Crest Trail. Mt Mitchell included, we did 6 peaks above 6000 ft that day: Mt Craig, Big Tom, Balsam Cone, Cattail Peak and Potato Hill. Up and down the crest with some steep section an about 30 pounds in your backpack is no walk in the park. What a relief to reach Deep Gap for the night.

Our last day took us again for a summit, the last one really: Winter Star. Oh the views! I can never get tired of how beautiful mountains are. We then followed some more up and downs before a more leisurely walk along the side of the mountains. We didn’t go up Celo Knob, the last one. It was optional for one thing, and frankly after three days on the trail we were just fine to start going down. The long 3000f downhill was tough on the legs but what a reward to get to the car and home where we finally cleaned up.

We did have one little “adventure” on the way down. Walking at a fast pace we abruptly stopped as we heard this abnormal sound. And good thing we did, this big rattlesnake was standing less than a foot away from the trail. Its loud rattle warning saved our lives and allowed us to make a big wide turn around it.

Cette semaine mon mari et moi étions en vacances. Je n’ai pas couru beaucoup mais j’ai fait de l’exercice vu que nous avions décidé de faire le Black Mountain Crest Trail. Ce sentier est réputé comme l’un des plus difficiles de la cote Est. Je ne peut pas garantir ca n’ayant pas grand chose a quoi le comparer, mais c’etait je veux bien le croire.

On a en fait commencé par randonner le long du Big Butt Trail a partir de Cane River Gap. Je pense que la montée est plus douce. Nous avons ensuite suivit le MST (Mountain to Sea Trail) et avons passe la nuit sur les crêtes de Potato Knob.

Le deuxième jour fut le plus difficile, après avoir suivit le MST nous avons rejoint Mt Mitchell, le plus haut pic a l’Est du Mississippi d’où nous avons entame le Crest Trail. Mt Mitchell inclus nous avons fait 6 sommets au dessus de 6000 pieds (1800m) ce jour la: Mt Craig, Big Tom, Balsam Cone, Cattail Peak et Potato Hill. Cela veux dire ne nombreuses montées et descentes le long de la crête dont des sections bien pentues et avec plus de 15kg sur le dos ce n’est pas une promenade. Quel plaisir ce fut d’atteindre Deep Gap pour la nuit.

Notre dernier jour nous amena a un autre sommet, le dernier en fait: Winter Star. Et quelle vue! Je ne me lasse pas de la beauté des montagnes. Nous avons ensuite fait quelques montées et descentes de plus avant de rejoindre une section de sentier plus tranquille qui longeait la montagne. Nous ne sommes pas allés au sommet de Celo Knob, le dernier. C’était optionnel, mais surtout après trois jours sur les sentiers nous étions bien content d’attaquer la descente. 1100 long mètres de dénivelés a descendre. C’était dur pour les jambes, mais quel  bonheur de rejoindre la voiture et de rentrer pour prendre enfin une douche.

On a quand même eu une “aventure” a la descente. On marchait a un bon rythme quand on c’est soudain arrêté car nous entendions un bruit anormal. Et c’est une bonne chose car un gros serpent a sonnette se tenait a quelques centimètres du sentier. Le son fort de sa “sonnette” nous a sauve la vie en nous avertissant et nous a permis de faire un bon détour loin du serpent.

Thank you Dr Suzie

I went back to my chiropractor Wednesday. My knee was still doing this clicking sound and I needed to know where it was coming from. Or translate that to I needed to know if I could run or not.
I had a good adjustment and my chiropractor cleared me. The clicking sound is due to unaligned tendon/ligaments due to the pulled muscle. The adjustment helped and she also recommended to avoid dairy (which makes inflammation worse) and take turmeric, arnica or other natural anti-inflammatory foods as well as ice the knee. She reminded me not to forget warm up and cool off, not like I’m going to forget that again.

My favorite recommendation was to go for a jog that afternoon so the body knows that’s how it needs to be and the adjustment holds better. Or at least that’s how I understood it. Well I didn’t jog, I ran with the running group. 5.8 miles at a 9:16 with 84°F outside. Did I say I hate heat? I definitely got a good sweat. I felt like I ran much longer. But it was fun, the neighborhoods beautiful and since it was in my area I got to ride the bike to and from the meeting point.

 Today the knee is better still, chiropractic, yoga and running followed by icing seem to do the trick.

 Je suis retournée chez ma chiropracteur mercredi. Mon genou continuait a faire un bruit de clic clic quand je le plie et il me fallait en connaitre la source. Enfin traduisait plutot ça en: il me fallait savoir si je pouvais courrir. Elle a fait un bon ajustement et m’a donné le OK. Le bruit et due a des tendons/ligaments mal alignés à cause du léger claquage de la cuisse. L’ajustement a aidé mais elle m’a aussi recommandé d’éviter les laitages qui favorisent l’inflammation, de prendre du tumeric, de l’arnica ou d’autre anti-inflammatoires naturels. Elle m’a aussi rappelé de bien m’échauffer et m’étirer, non pas que je risque d’oublier ça de nouveau.

Ma recommendation préférée était quand même d’aller faire un jogging cet aprés-midi là car ça aide a faire tenir l’ajustement. Enfin c’est ce que j’ai compris. Bon ok, je n’ai pas fait du jogging, j’ai couru avec le groupe. 5.8 miles a un rythme de 9:16 et 29°c dehors. Je vous ai déjà dit que je n’aime pas la chaleur? Il m’a semblé avoir couru bien plus longtemps. Au moins j’ai eu une bonne suée. Mais c’était chouette, les quartiers où nous avons couru trés beau et comme c’était par chez moi j’ai pu m’y rendre au point de rdv à vélo.

Aujourd’hui le genou va mieux, la combinaison chiropracteur, yoga et courir suivit par un pack de glace sur le genou semble être la bonne approche.

Friday Cross-Training

Entrainement Complémentaire du Vendredi

Since I’m meeting with a friend on Sunday I wasn’t running Friday night like I usually do. At first I wasn’t planning to do much. I went downtown to pick up a bottle of wine I won from our local radio. Then I used my gift card at Malaprops Bookstore to get a trail running book that a friend has been letting me borrow so long that I decided I should buy one.

But then I went home, my husband was out of town and I didn’t have much to do. So I grabbed the bike and went for a 6 mile loop around the neigborhood. I shaved off an other 2 minutes to that loop, but I think a lot of it has to do with traffic and traffic lights.

I really want to incorportate more biking as a cross training. I have an old bicycle but it’s good enough to ride around the neighborhood. I’ve been mainly doing yoga once a week but I feel that I can benefit from the bicycle when it comes to legs strength without pounding impact.

While I was at it I also attempted 20 minutes of yoga on the mat at home. I’m still trying to remember what poses I can do on my own. Classes seem a lot easier when you are told what to do next.

What kind of cross-training do you enjoy to do?

Puisque je retrouve une amie Dimanche je n’avais pas de course vendredi soir comme a mon habitude. Je n’avais pas prévu grand chose au départ. Je suis allée chercher une bouteille de vin en ville que j’avais gagné grace a une radio locale. Ensuite j’ai utilisé ma carte cadeau de la librairie Malaprops pour acheter un livre de course a pied sur sentier qu’une amie m’a laisser emprunter tellement longtemps que j’ai décidé de me l’acheter.

Une fois a la maison, mon mari n’étant pas la du week-end, je n’avais pas frand chose a faire. Du coup j’ai sorti le vélo et je suis aller faire une boucle de 10km dans le quartier. J’ai réduit mon temps de 2 minutes par rapport a la dernière fois mais je pense que c’est du a la circulation et aux feux de route.

Je voudrais vraiment incorporer plus de vélo dans mon entrainement complémentaire. J’ai un vieux vélo, mais c’est sufisant pour une ballade dans le quartier. Je fais surtout du yoga, une fois par semaine, mais je pense que le vélo serait bénéfique pour les muscles des jambes sans pour autant avoir trop de force d’impact.

Tant qu’a faire hier soir j’ai aussi fait 20mn de yoga sur le tapis a la maison. J’essaye encore de me rappeller les positions, c’est quand meme plus facile de suivre les instructions durant une classe.

Et vous, vous faites quoi comme entrainement complémentaire à la course?