Embracing the Short Run

I consider myself to be more of a long distance runner. One of my favorite distance is 9 miles and I also took more satisfaction out of running a half-marathon and a marathon than I do running a 5k. Earlier this year, my shortest run was 5 miles. I was training for my first marathon, running thrice a week and pushing my body to where it had never been before. For a while I even looked down on anything shorter than 5 miles, it barely seemed like a run to me…

But then I stupidly hurt myself. IT Band injuries are no fun.  I first took some rest then eased back into running because I had a race coming up. I knew I wasn’t 100% but I wanted to do it. I ran a 15k and the IT Band flared up again. It was frustrating. So I took some rest again.

Then I did one of the best things I could have done for myself. It wasn’t not running. It was signing up for the RW running strike challenge. The goal was to run at least a mile every day between Memorial Day and July 4th. I can already tell you that I didn’t make it everyday. However it was exactly what I needed. The challenged allowed me to maintain weekly mileage without pushing too much and magically my IT Band issues went away. The short and easy runs seemed to be what my body needed. Just enough to stretch the muscles but not too much so as not to pull it. I was challenged to run daily and yet could decided however much or little to do.

I did pretty good the first two weeks but the combination of hot miserable weather and a slight burnt out feeling had me skip a few runs. Add on top of it a week of bronchitis where I had to totally stop and I find myself two month after my marathon with no run longer than 9 miles (and that way in May). I could be frustrated at myself. But I don’t think I failed my body. I needed the rest. I needed to find joy on the trails, I needed to be away from a training program with set mileage. Today I’m going to start to build back my long distance runs. But I’m not going to push it like crazy in the summer heat. I’m going to embrace every single short run. Because a short run is still a run and that’s all my body is asking for. Because this  has allowed me to have so many more joyful runs shared with my husband by my side.

What do you consider a short run?


The Fear of No Running

What is it with us runners? Why is it that if we can’t run for say two days we feel we’ll never run again?” That all our hard work to get to that level will go down the drain? I can have my feet off skis for two years and not worry about it. But take them off the trails and it seems like it’s the end of the world. I guess they are right when they say it’s an addiction.

I didn’t run for three days to give my legs a rest. It seemed like an awfully long time. I went for  a run on Monday since my legs felt better. After a mile or two that had changed. My 5 mile run turned into 3 and a half or so. I felt pain pretty much from my hip to my ankle along the iliotibial band. So here I am, less than two weeks away from a 15k and looking at taking several days of rest instead of training.  It’s frustrating. But what choices do I have?

Option 1: Run through the pain and likely be unable to finish the 15k.

Option 2: Rest, Ice, Stretch but run little and hope I can run the 15k.

It’s hard in my mind. I doubt myself. Can I finish a 15k if I only run 3-9 miles for three weeks in a row? But then I have to remind myself. I did run a marathon two weeks ago. My body can do this. My body needs the rest. My iliotibial band will likely thank me.


Resuming Training After a Break

I found this great information on <u>Runner’s World Complete Book of Women’s Running</u> and thought I would share. When I was side lined in October, it was one of those things I wish I had known. We all get hurt, get sick or have to take a break at some point. It’s hard when you are a dedicated runner, but harder is this fear of not being able to run again or even how to ease back into it.

So here is a simple set of rules to follow based on how much time was taken off running.

  • 1 week off: Resume at previous distance
  • 2 weeks off: Resume at half of previous distance
  • 3 weeks off: Resume at one quarter of the previous distance
  • 4 weeks off or more: Start from scratch with the alternate walk/run.

It may seem hard to cut back, but ultimately your body will thank you. And remember that even if you start over, you will likely catch up much faster than a true beginner.

A Week Break

My knee is not improving the way I’d like to. It’s very frustrating so I’m going to take a week off running to see if that helps. If not I’ll have to move from chiropractic to a specialist, something I don’t look forward to in any way.

Positive thoughts that rest is what I need. I’m still cross training with stretching, yoga and some muscle exercices.  I want to be back in top shape, I have a 5K on June 3rd, it’s team results and I’m in the boy’s team. The boys who are running sub 26′ for a 3 milers. I can’t let them down.

Mon genou ne vas pas aussi bien que ce que je souhaite. C’est trés frustrant et je vais donc prendre une semaine de repos sans course pour voir si ça aide. Si ça ne suffit pas il me faudra passer de la chirporactique à un spécialiste, ce qui ne m’enchante pas.

Pensées positives en esperant que tout ce qu’il me faille soit du repos. Je fait de l’exercice tout de même en parallèle avec du yoga, des étirements et des exercices musclaires. Je veux etre en pleine forme pour la course de 5km du 3 juin, c’est un résultat par équipe et je suis dans celle des hommes. Les gars courent en moins de 26mn pour 5km. Donc je ne peux pas les laisser tomber.

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Thank you Dr Suzie

I went back to my chiropractor Wednesday. My knee was still doing this clicking sound and I needed to know where it was coming from. Or translate that to I needed to know if I could run or not.
I had a good adjustment and my chiropractor cleared me. The clicking sound is due to unaligned tendon/ligaments due to the pulled muscle. The adjustment helped and she also recommended to avoid dairy (which makes inflammation worse) and take turmeric, arnica or other natural anti-inflammatory foods as well as ice the knee. She reminded me not to forget warm up and cool off, not like I’m going to forget that again.

My favorite recommendation was to go for a jog that afternoon so the body knows that’s how it needs to be and the adjustment holds better. Or at least that’s how I understood it. Well I didn’t jog, I ran with the running group. 5.8 miles at a 9:16 with 84°F outside. Did I say I hate heat? I definitely got a good sweat. I felt like I ran much longer. But it was fun, the neighborhoods beautiful and since it was in my area I got to ride the bike to and from the meeting point.

 Today the knee is better still, chiropractic, yoga and running followed by icing seem to do the trick.

 Je suis retournée chez ma chiropracteur mercredi. Mon genou continuait a faire un bruit de clic clic quand je le plie et il me fallait en connaitre la source. Enfin traduisait plutot ça en: il me fallait savoir si je pouvais courrir. Elle a fait un bon ajustement et m’a donné le OK. Le bruit et due a des tendons/ligaments mal alignés à cause du léger claquage de la cuisse. L’ajustement a aidé mais elle m’a aussi recommandé d’éviter les laitages qui favorisent l’inflammation, de prendre du tumeric, de l’arnica ou d’autre anti-inflammatoires naturels. Elle m’a aussi rappelé de bien m’échauffer et m’étirer, non pas que je risque d’oublier ça de nouveau.

Ma recommendation préférée était quand même d’aller faire un jogging cet aprés-midi là car ça aide a faire tenir l’ajustement. Enfin c’est ce que j’ai compris. Bon ok, je n’ai pas fait du jogging, j’ai couru avec le groupe. 5.8 miles a un rythme de 9:16 et 29°c dehors. Je vous ai déjà dit que je n’aime pas la chaleur? Il m’a semblé avoir couru bien plus longtemps. Au moins j’ai eu une bonne suée. Mais c’était chouette, les quartiers où nous avons couru trés beau et comme c’était par chez moi j’ai pu m’y rendre au point de rdv à vélo.

Aujourd’hui le genou va mieux, la combinaison chiropracteur, yoga et courir suivit par un pack de glace sur le genou semble être la bonne approche.

Back on the Trails and Make that a 9 Miler

I skipped one run this past  week but it didn’t seem to do much to my thigh/knee. So I decided to go for a run, from what I found if it’s a pulled muscle, you can still run albeit without speedwork.
So I went.
And I’m so glad I did.
Yes my knee and thigh were still sore, but it wasn’t anymore painful running than it was when I was just standing at work.
Now I took it easy. I picked a loop that didn’t have any crazy downhill or uphills, mainly forest roads and didn’t push it.

I went for the Billie Ledford Loop, 4.61 miles. It gave me the option to stop if I didn’t feel like it.
First loop was fine in 47’13” with an average pace of 10:14. At the end of it I still felt good so I went for a second loop.
Problem is I had to go to the bathroom, and this trail system is busy enough that I didn’t want to take the risk being seen, so I had to hold it for an other 2+ miles until I reached one of the parking lots. I would not have made it the last mile, and I know it slowed me down. Even with stopping the watch, the second loop was 49’02” for 10:38 pace.

That last mile was hard! Stopping and running that last 1.3 mile was a killer, it took a few minutes for my legs to warm back up somewhow. But this was my longest run yet so I’m sure the stiff legs were due to that. But I did it!
Am I sore the next day? Yes, absolutely. But more “I ran 9 mile sore” than “I pulled a muscle sore”.
I know I still need to be careful, my knee does this little “click” sound I don’t like when I walk a steep downhill, but no sharp pain and that is enough for now.

J’ai zappé une course la semaine dernière mais ça ne semblait pas changer grand chose au problème genou/cuisse. Du coup j’ai décidé d’aller courir, puisqu’a après quelques recherches pour un (léger) claquage musclaire, on peu toujours courir à condition de ne pas faire de la vitesse.
Donc j’y suis allée et j’en suis bien contente.
Oui mon genou et ma cuisse sont courbaturés, mais ce n’est pas plus douloureux que quand je restais debout à ne rien faire au travail.
Bon j’y suis allée doucement aussi. J’ai choisi une boucle sans grosse montée ou descente, surtout des routes forestières pour ne pas pousser.

J’ai choisi la boucle Billie Ledford, 4,61miles. Cela me donne la possibilité de m’arreter si besoin.
J’ai fait la première boucle en 47’13” avec un rythme moyen de 10:14. Et comme je me sentais bien j’ai attaqué pour une deuxième.
Le problème c’est que j’avais besoin d’aller aux toilettes, or les sentiers sont assez utilisé pour que je ne me sente pas tranquille à m’arreter là. Du coup il m’a fallu attendre 2 miles de plus pour arriver au parking et ses toilettes. Je n’aurais jamais pu faire le mile supplémentaire jusqu’a la voiture, je sais que ca m’a aussi ralentie. Même en arrétant ma montre la deuxième boucle m’a pris 49’02” pour un rythme de 10:38.

Et le dernier mile était difficile! M’arreter et repartir pour 1,3 mile m’a tuée, enfin le temps que les jambes s’y remettent. Mais bon c’était aussi le disance la plus longue que j’ai jamais couru, donc je pense que les jambes lourdes étaient due à ça. Mais je l’ai fait!
Est-ce que j’étais courbaturée le jour d’après? Absoluement! Mais plus du genre “j’ai couru 9 miles” que “j’ai claqué un muscle”.
Je continue de faire attention, surtout que le genou fait un bruit de “clic” quand je descend une grosse pente, mais pas de douleur vive donc ca me suffit pour le moment.

One of the reasons why I love running on trails? I get to see one of my favorite flowers, the native Flame Azalea.

L’une des raisons pour lesquelles j’aime courir sur sentier? Je peux voir l’une de mes fleurs préférée et endémique, le Flame Azalea.

I Could Kick Myself in the Butt

Je pourrais me Filer des Coups de Pieds au Cul

I sometimes wish I could go back in time and redo certain things. I wish I could go back to Wednesday of last week and well first get myself to go to the right address that would have solved everything. I guess I took a lesson, there is no point in rushing out of the car to speed like a mad woman and catch up with a running group. Really I would have been far better off going home and running in my neighborhood.
My whole idea was that I didn’t want to miss the group run, plus for every run with the group I earn points towards free gear. Greediness will loose me.

So instead of going home, having a run of my choice and missing the group run. I’m ending up with a strained quad which in turn is making my knee sore. And guess what? This week I missed the group run because of it, and I still don’t feel that it’s a good idea to run so I missed my normal friday evening run.
I don’t really want to go to the doctor for that. It’s too expensive for me to hear to rest when I can figure that on my own anyway. I’ve done yoga and chiropractic and it did help. The quad feels better, the knee however is still tight. So yes I could kick myself because instead of missing one group run I’m now missing running altogether.

Parfois j’aimerais pouvoir revenir en arrière et changer certaines choses. J’aimerais pouvoir revenir à mercredi de la semaine dernière et tout d’abords avoir la bonne adresse ce qui aurait solvé le problème. On dira que j’ai pris une bonne leçon, il n’y a aucun intêret à sortir de à toute vitesse de la voiture et à courrir comme une malade pour rattraper un groupe de course à pied. Vraiment, j’aurais mieux fait d’aller courir dans mon quartier.
Mon idée était de ne pas rater la course en groupe, surtout que pour chaque course avec eux je gagne des points qui permettent d’obtenir peuvent être échangés contre de l’équipement. La cupidié me perdra.

Donc au lieu d’aller à la maison, de faire la course de mon choix et de manquer une course de groupe. Je me retrouve avoir tiré sur l’un des muscles des quadriceps qui du coup tire sur le genou. Et devinez quoi? Cette semaine j’ai raté la course de groupe du coup, et comme je n’ai pas entièrement récupéré je n’ai pas pu aller courir hier comme à mon habitude.
Je ne veux pas vraiment aller voir le docteur pour ça. C’est trop cher pour m’entendre dire qu’il faut me reposer, je peux deviner ça toute seule. J’ai fait du yoga et j’ai vu la chiropracteur et ça a aidé. Le quadriceps va mieux, mais le genou tire encore. Du coup oui, je pourrais me filer des coups de pieds au cul car au lieu de rater une course en groupe je rate tout bonnement de pouvoir courir.

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Taking the Thigh Off the Trail

Sortir la Cuisse du Sentier

I hate injuries. Running is an addictive thing and having any kind of injury that forces me not to run is so hard. I tend to push it, think that it’s just a little sore and keep on running. But it gets worse and I have to admit that rest really is the better choice, however hard it feel not to lace up those shoes.
I’ve done it last year after I ran my first 5k. I think I ran it too hard and I had to take a few weeks off to recuperate. I’ve done it with Shin Splints, and here we go again with the knee.

I’m not in pain, it just feel sore. My right knee is sore when I run or walking up and down stairs and my front thigh is tight on the same leg all day. Which one is causing which? I’m not sure. I’m 99.99% sure that this comes from the speed-work (planned and unplanned) of last week which would tend to point to the quadriceps more in which case the knee is more of a collateral. It got worse on Sunday and Monday after short (which often means faster for me) runs. So I have to force myself not to go this evening and it is so frustrating. But I have a 15k race next week and I’d rather skip a few days now than the race itself.

I’m now searching for stretching options, scheduled a chiropractor appointment for this afternoon and will go to yoga as well. I’m hoping that will help.
I was planning on a 8-9 mile run this Friday, I’m waiting to see if I need to push it to Saturday or Sunday.

Edit: and this might help.

Je déteste les blessures. Courir est addictif et n’importe quelle blessure qui m’oblige a ne pas courir est dure a vivre. J’ai tendance a pousser, penser que c’est juste des courbatures et continuer a courir. Mais ça empire et je suis obligée d’admettre que le repos est vraiment la meilleure option, même si c’est dur de ne pas lacer les chaussures de course.
Je l’ai déjà fait l’an dernier après ma première course de 5km. J’avais trop pousse et il m’a fallu quelques semaines pour récupérer. Je l’ai aussi fait avec une tendinite du mollet et la de nouveau le genou.

Je n’ai pas mal, c’est juste que ça tire. Mon genou droit tire quand je cours ou quand je monte ou descend des escaliers et l’avant de la cuisse tout le temps. Lequel est la cause de l’autre? Pas sur. Sauf que je suis sure a 99,99% que c’est du aux exercices de vitesses (prévu et non prévus) de la semaine dernière ce qui aurait tendance a pointer vers un problème de quadriceps et donc le genou ne serait qu’un problème collatéral. C’était pire dimanche et lundi après de courtes courses plus courtes (ce qui veut souvent dire plus rapide pour moi). Donc il faut que je m’oblige a ne pas forcer et ne pas aller courir ce soir, c’est frustrant. Mais j’ai une course de 15km la semaine prochaine alors autant me reposer maintenant et ne pas la rater.

La je cherche des étirement, j’ai pris un rdv chez la chiropracteur tout a l’heure et j’ai aussi yoga cet aprèm. J’espère que ça va aider.
J’ai une course de 8-9 miles de prévu pour vendredi, mais je vais voir si je dois la pousser a samedi ou même dimanche.

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