Marathon Excitement in Asheville

Downtown Asheville From the Grove Park Inn

I’ve been asked by my family what my next marathon would be. I guess my enthusiasm was palpable. To be honest with you I have a list of races I’d like to do at some point or another: the Grandfather Mountain Marathon, the Dupont 50k, the Dupont Half Marathon, le Marathon de Paris and a triple trail series in our area.

I also should say that I had an interesting conversation with a runner during the Blue Ridge Marathon. That runner in question was going to run the Dupont 50k this year. As we discussed she mentioned she was surprised Asheville didn’t have a marathon. Sure there are several nearby like the Grandfather or the Black Mountain Marathon. But none for the town itself.

But then, yesterday came. A big, runner grin worthy announcement: Asheville is getting a Marathon!

It will be an extension of the current Asheville Citizen Times Half Marathon that takes place in September. First race schedule for 2013. The 5k will now be on Friday as a family event and the Half and Full would be on Saturday. I’m thrilled. Not only are we getting a marathon but it will go by North Asheville (like the Half) as well as our corner of the woods aka West Asheville and along the beautiful French Broad River. Registration opens September 15th and I just can’t wait to sign up. I also look forward to see what the course will be.

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