An Active Day Off Is a Relaxing Day

Bouldering at Rumbling BaldI’ve had days off when I felt like I did nothing productive. Sure I talked to my family overseas, paid bills, but I stayed inside all day and ended up feeling more tired by the end of the day than I should. Feeling relaxed seems likes a dichotomy when it comes to me. See yesterday for example

I woke up at 7am to join my running group on the Mountain to Sea Trail. We ran 5.3 miles in the cold, temperatures were in the high 20’s. I could have stayed home under the warm blankets, but I found more motivation and satisfaction in knowing that I would get to not only run but hang out with fellow runners.

I came back home, showered and made brunch: sautéed fingerlings potatoes with eggs while my husband fried eggs. We ate at our breakfast table in the kitchen, soaking in the sun pouring through the south windows.

I changed clothes for the third time that day. It was his day off too and he wanted to go bouldering. So we went. It wasn’t as warm as expected, only in the high 40’s, low 50’s, the sun barely peaking through the clouds. We met with a friend at the amazing bouldering field of Rumbling Bald. A site almost destroyed by developers and saved right on time by the Climbers Coalition and the title of State Park.Bouldering in November

While bouldering is intense when you are climbing, I always end up having a chill afternoon, walking first to the boulders, watching my husband and friends climb and make it look easy. Then here I am struggling to do a few easy problems (bouldering routes). I really only climb for brief amounts of time but it sure is intense on the arm muscles. A great cross-training sport to be honest.

Then we went home, did a few groceries, I made us some flounder fish “burgers” with mayo, Thai curry paste, green onions and lime; served it with green beans and fried onion rings while we watched the football games.

So it was a busy day off and yet I feel more rested than I have all week.

What makes you feel rested?