The Penguin Vs. The Stink!

I don’t know you, but when I come back from a run, I sure don’t smell of roses. It doesn’t matter that I take regular showers and use deodorant. When I run I sweat and sweat is stinky. Worse it seems to permeate all of my running clothes over time. The worst being my running bras. They soak in the worst of the sweat and frankly after a while they smelled even before I went for a run. Yes, you know that awful permastink.

The permastink stage is when the smell does not go away even after the item was washed. That is usually the point when my running clothes meet the trash can. But it can be frustrating. First of all running gear is expensive, second I hate to throw something away after what sometimes seems only a few months of (heavy) usage. And then I heard about the Penguin Sport Wash. Someone tried it as part of a running swap and I figured it was worth a shot. And boy am I glad we got it!

My husband wasn’t convinced at first but he still went for the $18 sports detergent when we found it at REI. And let me tell you, it was love at first wash. The clothes came out smelling clean, yes even my oldest sports bra. The difference with regular laundry detergent was amazing. I was about ready to throw that bra away and now I can still wear it (without feeling like I’m about to poison myself)!

I should also say that my husband is highly sensitive to a lot of laundry detergent. Tide and him will never, ever be friends. So he was a little weary of how he would react to this one. Well it turns out he had no problem whatsoever. I think it helps that this is not a scented wash and that it’s biodegradable.

We ‘re lucky to have a high-efficiency washing machine, so half a cap is usually sufficient. However do not do like we did once and throw the towels you sat on in the car after running with the rest of your running clothes. I had to do a second wash. Towels do not need a special sport-wash to be cleaned unlike my sports clothes. It turned out to be a waste of detergent and washer energy. From now on we are doing a running clothes dirty pile to wash them separately.

I was not contacted by Penguin Apparel Care, nor provided any free sample. This bottle was paid with my own dollars and I was just too excited to see the difference in my running clothes not to share. If you are curious about the product, you can go on their website.

Penguin 1-Stink 0

Do you use a sport wash for your running gear or regular laundry detergent?


Saucony Xodus 2.0 Review

I’ve had those trail running shoes since the spring and I’m absolutely in love with them. I love them so much I now own two pairs of Saucony Xodus 2.0. I’m petite: 5’1 and my feet sure match that. When I got fitted for trail running shoes the salesperson commented on how tiny my feet are. As a result there were limited options to what would really fit me, this was one of them.

Well let me tell you those Saucony fit me like a glove. I wish there was a road version of those. The narrow version of the shoe is just right for me. I usually go for 6 1/2 on city shoes, 7 is a better sizing for the running one.

I run with them on all sorts of trails: muddy, dry, rocky, gravel, gravel road, trails full of roots. I’ve never had a problem, they really do have a great grip.

If I remember correctly they are neutral shoes. In any case when running on trail it’s best not to have too much support. A trail running shoes is best when a little more rigid so you’re less at risk to roll an ankle or twist a knee by bouncing off.

They are also very comfortable, no odd pressure point anywhere and that from the very beginning. I honestly can’t find anything wrong with them. I have not tried running in snow or ankle dip in a creek, but my feet has not gotten wet so far neither humid from sweat. I’ve run anywhere from 5-14 miles in them with the same feeling of comfort.

After 200 miles on them the blue has washed off a bit, but they don’t stink and other than the mud they are not showing any wear and tear.

What Saucony says:

  • Durable running shoe for the most aggressive trails
  • 10.8 oz
  • An internal fit system that hugs the foot to handle various terrain
  •  Breathable, moisture wicking, anti-odor and antimicrobial Ortholite® insole
  • Heel ProGrid™ to absorb impact
  • SRC(Super Rebound Compound) Impact Zone and  Forefoot Cushioning
  • Vibram Trek Outsole

What I say:


  • I don’t get any blister issues with them.
  • They have a good grip. I have yet to fall with those (hoping I don’t jinx myself here)
  • The support is sufficient to be comfortable but not too much that it throws me off balance on the runs.
  • I love the lace pocket at the top. My laces stay attached no matter how long I run.
  • There is a metal loop at the front to attach gaiters if needed.
  • Reflective material on the front and back, although I don’t really run on trails at night so it hasn’t had much use.
  • I love the design and color but that’s very accessory.


  • I’d like the same shoes with a road version.

What is your favorite trail running shoe?

Lululemon Speed Running Skirt Review

In August I bought a Speed Skirt from Lululemon. I was lucky to get it on the back to school Tax Free day for $54 even. Sure I could have found another running skirt for cheaper but I really liked that one.

One of the things that got to me is the style. Yes, it’s cute and that matters to me. I like to feel good in what I wear and that skirt did that. I love the pleats in the back (shown in the royal color), they move around when I run in a really cute way. I have gotten tons of comments by fellow runners, both male and female, must people asking me where I got it because they would like one too.

But it’s not all about looks I also love the technicality of it. It has a nice breathable material that wicks most of the moisture away. I don’t feel it on my skin at least even if I can see wet areas on the skirt after the run.

Below the skirt is a short with a grip band at the bottom. It does not move, actually if it wasn’t for stretching and bending needs I don’t think it would be needed because the skirt itself stays where it’s supposed to.

There are three pockets, one zipped in the back and two little pouches perfect to fit an energy gel in there.

I ran my half marathon in it. While I had  no chaffing issues prior to the race, I did find a little chaffing post race but below the skirt, so that had more to do with me. It worked great with my running, it’s short enough to allow speed work and just as flexible as a classic pair of short. It just has the added plus of making me feel fashionable and pretty when I run.

Do you have a running skirt? What do you look for in your running skirt?

Half Marathon Training Week 6

French Broad River seen from the AT in Hot Springs, NC

I am way behind on my training updates. Preparing

for our trip to Alaska, the trip itself and coming back to a new job (got a promotion) would be some good excuses, but now it means I have to did in my memory to find details to share about the runs. I’m actually starting week 2 tomorrow which means tapering. Only two weeks until my first half-marathon.

Monday Speedwork
Goal: 10-20mns warm-up, 3x1600m @8:39-8:44 pace, 10mns cool-down

A lovely thunderstorm brought down the temperature from 92 to 73 degrees. What a relief. Temperature really affects the way I run.
It was my first time in a running skirt and I had a blast. I’m definitely going to be running the race with it.

1.48 miles @10.:10 pace in 15’04”
1600m repeats @7:32, 7:27 and 7:21 pace in 7’30”, 7’25” and 7’19”. Much easier than I thought.
1.12 miles @9:10 pace in 10’16”

Wednesday Group Tempo
Goal: 6 miles easy

Ran on the Mountain to Sea Trail from Hwy 74 toward the South. I ran a little past the rhododendron corridor, mileage is only an estimate because it’s a trail. Still a warm day but the shade of the forest did help.

6.2 miles 1h01’39” @9:56 pace

Long Run
Goal: 10 miles @9:59 pace

The temperatures dropped that day and I was able to run in the morning. So much easier. Still working out the breakfast/previous evening food though. My body wasn’t entirely happy with me. I made it back to the car ok but it didn’t feel comfortable. Not a trail where I felt I could run off in the woods if needed so I had to make it do.
I did get a nice comment from another runner about having a nice stride though.
The run was easy overall, little up and downs. I ran from the French Broad River to HWy 25 and back. Didn’t even feel the need for a gu/cliff and drank only half of my water.

10.28 miles in 1h37’39” @9:29pace

I hiked a few miles with a fellow French girl visiting the area where the picture was taken.

Have You Heard of Lululemon?

So when my sister-in-law was in town she told me about this great yoga and running apparel company called Lululemon.  She was wearing some of them and I was totally impressed. The cut was cute which is a nice plus when you’re a girl, but what really got me was the shirt. Here shirt was of this nice soft, ultra light fabric, it didn’t look out-of-place when we went out to town and yet it’s a running shirt. It also has this fabric that makes it reflective. If you run in dark conditions, a car’s light will completely light it up and yet it doesn’t look like it’s made out reflective fabric.

She told me the clothes are a little pricy, around $50 for either a pair of short or a shirt. But she also said she’s had this shirt for 3 years, using once a week and it’s still doing great. One of her favorite thing is that even when she gets sweaty in that shirt she says she doesn’t even feel it (the girl lives in Florida and does boot camp every morning so I believe her).
I like my new tank top, but when I’m sweaty, so his the fabric and I  feel my sweat.

I found out that we have a showroom in town so I went and checked it out. My one disappointment is that they didn’t have many size 4 (and forget it if you’re smaller than that). I’ve been looking for a running skirt so I decided to try one. I was very comfortable. It took me a little bit to get used to the grip-band on the shorts but it grew on me. It’s long enough to prevent chaffing and hide what shouldn’t be seen. I took it home with me and will review it once I run in it.

The other thing that impressed me was the Silver Bullet shirt line. The fabric has silver in it so it not only has the property to wick away moisture but also to be pretty much antibacterial. The plus? You can still throw it in the washing machine and drier. When I see how sweaty and stinky my running clothes can get I think this is something I need to invest in.

Have you heard of this brand? Ever tried it?


Quand ma belle-soeur est venue, elle m’a parlé d’une marque de vêtements de yoga et de course à pied qui s’appelle Lululemon. Elle en a porté et j’étais vraiment impressionée.  La coupe était mignonne ce qui est toujours un plus pour une fille, mais ce qui m’a vraiment attiré c’est le T-shirt. C’est fait d’un tissu super léger et doux, on aurait pas dit qu’elle était en tenue de sport quand on est sortis en ville. Le tissu est aussi reflectif. Si vous courrez le soir, la lumière des phares va completement illuminer le T-shirt et pourtant on ne dirait pas que c’est fait de matière reflective.

Elle m’a dit par contre que c’est un peu cher, du genre $50 pour une jupe ou un short. Mais elle m’a aussi dit qu’elle a son t-shirt depuis 3 ans, l’utilise une fois par semaine et il est toujours en bonne condition. Ce qu’elle apprécie c’est qu’ils séche trés vite et évacue la sueur comme il faut (elle vit en Floride et fait du boot camp tous les matins donc elle sait de quoi elle parle).  J’aime l’un de mes nouveaux débardeurs de course, mais quand je sue je peux le sentir.

J’ai découvert qu’il y a une boutique de la marque en ville donc je suis allée voir. Ma seule deception c’est qu’ils n’ont pas beaucoup de modèles en taille 4 (ne parlons pas en dessous de ça). Je cherchais une jupe pour courir et donc j’ai essayé leur modele. Tres comfortable. Il m’a fallu quelques temps pour m’habituer à la bande “adhésive par contre. Le short est assez long pour éviter les frotement et cacher ce qu’il faut. Je l’ai donc achetée et j’en reparelerais une fois testée.

L’autre produit qui m’a impressionnée c’est la ligne Silver Bullet. Le tissu contient de l’argent et à du coup non seulement la propriété d’évacuer l’humidité mais aussi d’être anti-bactérien. En plus la vendeuse m’a dit que ca passe trés bien en machine. Quand je vois la sueur et les odeurs quand je cours je pense que je vais investir.

Vous connaissez la marque? Vous avez testé?