Mezamashii Run Project and Vega Shake Sample

It seems that shoe companies love the internet buzz. Hey why wouldn’t they, right?

So the Mezamashii Run Project. Mizuno shoes. Ok, I’ve tried them in the store once but went for Saucony instead. So I really don’t know if it’s a shoe I like but I do appreciate that they offer narrow versions of most of their shoes because that’s what my tiny feet love.

Let’s be honest, running shoes are expensive and I will never turn my back on a shoe giveaway. That’s exactly what Mizuno is offering: weekly sweepstakes via a system of invitations for a chance to get the pair of Mizuno of your choice. Yes you hear me, you get to pick whichever one you want. Not only that but if you win, you receive an invitation and get to pick someone else to get a free pair of shoes. If that’s not spreading runner’s love!

I love that they have several shots of trail running. I’d be curious to see what their trail running shoes are like.

So if you want your chance to win a pair of shoes, please go here and sign up for an invite. If you want to know more about the Mezamashii Run Project then go to their news page.

On the brilliant run matter. I can’t say I’ve had a run that felt brilliant recently. My body has been sluggish and acting up with the summer heat. But I still have in mind some brilliant trail runs I did with my husband and I look forward to get that feeling back.

Do you own Mizuno shoes? What do you think about it?

And on getting free stuff…

I get a newsletter from MamboSprouts (coupons for mostly healthy stuff) and they had a link to get a free sample of Vega products. I’ve heard of it as being a healthy more natural option so I thought I would share in case any of you want a sample too. It’s for their Vega One Nutritional Shake: Click here (while supplies last). You just have to sign up for their newsletter.