Hiking Over Running?

This week is “Week 9” of my training, which means that I’m supposed to do a 13 miles run. My first ever 13 miles run! The distance (or almost) of the Half-Marathon. So it’s a big deal for me.

However, my sister in-law and her husband are going to be in town. We’re not talking about the regular in-laws visit where you can sneak out at the crack of down and get your run here. Nope. They’re planning to hike Mt. Rainier in August and want to do training hikes with us. So we have planned two 11-12 miles hike on Friday and Saturday. With 8h hikes both days I don’t think I’ll have the energy to run on top of it. Which leaves me Sunday and with the heat I’m not sure I’ll be able to fit it.

So worth come to worth I guess I’ll do a 13 miles run next week instead of a 10 miles run. It will make it easier to deal with the next long run of 14 miles.

How do you handle a change in your training like that, is there any rule you follow?


27.5 Miles of Crosstraining on the Black Mountain Crest Trail

44km d’Entrainement Complémentaire sur le Black Mountain Crest Trail
Black Mountain Crest TrailThis week my husband and I were on vacation. While I didn’t run as much I did exercise as  we took it upon ourselves to hike the Black Mountain Crest Trail.  This trail is said to be one of the most difficult on the East coast. I can’t tell for sure as I don’t have much to compare it to, but it was definitely a hands on experience.

We actually started by hiking up the Big Butt Trail from Cane River Gap. I think it’s a more gentle uphill. We then followed the MST (Mountain to Sea Trail) and spent our first night on the crest of Potato Knob.

The next day was the toughest, after following the MST we reached Mt Mitchell, highest peak east of the Mississippi and then started on the Crest Trail. Mt Mitchell included, we did 6 peaks above 6000 ft that day: Mt Craig, Big Tom, Balsam Cone, Cattail Peak and Potato Hill. Up and down the crest with some steep section an about 30 pounds in your backpack is no walk in the park. What a relief to reach Deep Gap for the night.

Our last day took us again for a summit, the last one really: Winter Star. Oh the views! I can never get tired of how beautiful mountains are. We then followed some more up and downs before a more leisurely walk along the side of the mountains. We didn’t go up Celo Knob, the last one. It was optional for one thing, and frankly after three days on the trail we were just fine to start going down. The long 3000f downhill was tough on the legs but what a reward to get to the car and home where we finally cleaned up.

We did have one little “adventure” on the way down. Walking at a fast pace we abruptly stopped as we heard this abnormal sound. And good thing we did, this big rattlesnake was standing less than a foot away from the trail. Its loud rattle warning saved our lives and allowed us to make a big wide turn around it.

Cette semaine mon mari et moi étions en vacances. Je n’ai pas couru beaucoup mais j’ai fait de l’exercice vu que nous avions décidé de faire le Black Mountain Crest Trail. Ce sentier est réputé comme l’un des plus difficiles de la cote Est. Je ne peut pas garantir ca n’ayant pas grand chose a quoi le comparer, mais c’etait je veux bien le croire.

On a en fait commencé par randonner le long du Big Butt Trail a partir de Cane River Gap. Je pense que la montée est plus douce. Nous avons ensuite suivit le MST (Mountain to Sea Trail) et avons passe la nuit sur les crêtes de Potato Knob.

Le deuxième jour fut le plus difficile, après avoir suivit le MST nous avons rejoint Mt Mitchell, le plus haut pic a l’Est du Mississippi d’où nous avons entame le Crest Trail. Mt Mitchell inclus nous avons fait 6 sommets au dessus de 6000 pieds (1800m) ce jour la: Mt Craig, Big Tom, Balsam Cone, Cattail Peak et Potato Hill. Cela veux dire ne nombreuses montées et descentes le long de la crête dont des sections bien pentues et avec plus de 15kg sur le dos ce n’est pas une promenade. Quel plaisir ce fut d’atteindre Deep Gap pour la nuit.

Notre dernier jour nous amena a un autre sommet, le dernier en fait: Winter Star. Et quelle vue! Je ne me lasse pas de la beauté des montagnes. Nous avons ensuite fait quelques montées et descentes de plus avant de rejoindre une section de sentier plus tranquille qui longeait la montagne. Nous ne sommes pas allés au sommet de Celo Knob, le dernier. C’était optionnel, mais surtout après trois jours sur les sentiers nous étions bien content d’attaquer la descente. 1100 long mètres de dénivelés a descendre. C’était dur pour les jambes, mais quel  bonheur de rejoindre la voiture et de rentrer pour prendre enfin une douche.

On a quand même eu une “aventure” a la descente. On marchait a un bon rythme quand on c’est soudain arrêté car nous entendions un bruit anormal. Et c’est une bonne chose car un gros serpent a sonnette se tenait a quelques centimètres du sentier. Le son fort de sa “sonnette” nous a sauve la vie en nous avertissant et nous a permis de faire un bon détour loin du serpent.