The Running Widower

Two runners on a hike

I’m not the only runner in our house. My husband is one too. In  fact, he used to run more than I do. Well that has changed. We still run together, but for some workouts I “leave him in the dust” as he states himself. Last month there were some times when I ran as much in a day as he does in a month. So yes, I’m in better shape when it comes to running.

Some men could be resentful about their wife being faster. I feel very thankful that my husband is not. No, instead he is proud. He brags about me and my running. He jokes about me being faster than he is, tells his friends about my race results and how long I went running for. He is also very supportive of the time I dedicate to running and the money I put into getting the gear I need. I couldn’t do it without him.

One thing about being a foreigner is that I always learn new expressions. Tonight my husband told me he is a Running Widower. He got some blank eyes in response to that one.  He had to explain and I had to thank him for giving me a good blog post title. Hopefully he doesn’t feel too abandoned and cheated on by trails. I did tell him that if he ever wants to start a blog or a tweeter account that it would make a great name.

Does your other half runs? Do you run together?