Jumping in Puddles

Yesterday I was supposed to run with my husband. That did not happen. In fact I was looking outside and at the weather channel radar, seriously debating my run. It wasn’t pouring rain but I knew it wasn’t going to stop either.

Ultimately what decided me was an article about running in the rain that reminded me that I’ll have no control over the next race’s weather. It’s true. I’ve run races in the rain before. Sometimes it’s pleasant, bringing a much welcome coolness. Sometimes it’s just enough to bring you to the edge of hypothermia.

But really it was just sprinkling. So within minutes I motivated myself, grabbed my trail running shoes and headed to Bent Creek. And guess what? I had a great time. The gentle rain was just enough to cool me off during a tempo run. The low 50’s made it just fine.

I did re-plan my run going mainly on Forest Roads to avoid the slippery trails. But I did finish with a trail. So much fun! I felt like a kid jumping in puddles of water. That was exactly the sound my shoes did every time they hit the ground. I could feel the mud slowly covering my legs but I didn’t care. I just went for it.

It resulted in a great workout with 8:35 pace on the roller-coaster of South Ridge and even a 7:27 downhill on Sleepy Gap, Explorer and Pine trail.

Thankfully I did have a towel in my car to cover my seat because I was very much ready for a shower at the end of my run.

Do you brave the mud or run away from it?