The Marathon Bump

It seems to be a tradition, every time I run a long distance for the first time I get a bumper sticker for the car. Or well, two really.

See the first time I ran a Half Marathon. I purchased a sticker at the expo, planning to put it on after the race. It turns out that my sister-in-law was also gifting me one, a magnet one. Well my car doesn’t seem to have as much metal as we thought, so the magnet is on the fridge and the sticker on the car.

As I mentioned, they were handing out stickers at the Packet Pick Up of the Blue Ridge Marathon. So I knew I had my 26.2 sticker. Well… I really have three. My husband handed me a little gift after the race, while I was recovering: a black and white 26.2 sticker. He wasn’t sure which one I would like best so he got them both. Needless to say that my car is now all decked up and showing my runner’s pride. Of course now it kinds of look like I ran two… I may need to work on that.

Do you have running bumper stickers on your car?