The Difference Between 6 months and 50 Degrees

Friday I ran 13.35 miles. My training called for a 13 mile long run. I’m now hitting the Half Marathon distance with longer runs to go 14, 16, 18 and 20 are looming in the distance. Scary. But I’m not there yet Right now I can bask in the thought that I ran an other Half Marathon distance.

I picked the same loop that I did for my 13 mile training run last summer. A non technical all Forest Road run called Hardtime/S. Ridge Loop. It may be non technical but it’s not flat. Well the first two miles are fairly flat then it’s all uphill for a mile and a half, a little downhill followed by a roller coaster of up and down that takes you all the way up to 2860 feet at mile 9. After that it’s a good downhill and then a flat/downhill back to the car.

My watch says the difference between 6 month ago and this week was 4 minutes. Well good. But to me the difference was more physical. I don’t think it’s all fitness. There is definitely something to account for on temperature, last summer’s temperature hit above 80 pretty much every day, which meant I was sweating a lot more. When I look at my log I started getting pains in my leg on the last three miles. This time? Nothing. Maybe just a twinge right around 1h50mns, and that was that. Temperatures were in the 30’s the whole time.

I also fueled differently: A GU last summer and an entire bottle of water. Gu Brew the entire run this time but I only drank half of my bottle.

I come a long way from my first 6 miler when I spent the rest of the day as a couch potato. Friday, I ran 13 miles in the morning, made lunch, helped my husband and his friend build our deck, saw some wood, made dinner and was ready for bed only around 10:30pm. No matter what the reason is, it’s nice to see progress.

Looking at the Rain

I’m looking both at the rain and the weather forecast. The next 48 hours will be rain today and slush/snow tomorrow. The  rain has been tapping against our South windows and I see the branches moving too. According to the radar there are no breaks in sights. So unless I want to get soaked there is no running for me in the next 48 hours. Plus let’s be honest, with an international flight planned in the upcoming weeks I am not going to risk weakening my immune system. This is the kind of day when I understand appeal of a gym or a treadmill.

And yes I do have a water-resistant jacket but I know my feet would get soaked and I don’t want to damage the shoes.

What do you do when it rains? Do you gear up and go? Do you watch out the window like me waiting for the storm to calm down? Do you hop on the treadmill?