Pregnancy Update: 39 weeks

39 weeks  vs.  39 weeks 6 days, in labor!

Symptoms: The beginning of the week was as usual. Hip soreness as I woke up, needed to pee often, etc. However on Monday I started really feeling the end of pregnancy. I had a much harder time sleeping and was more tired as a result. I look forward to being able to sleep on my back again. I’m ready for the Pumpkin to show up.

39w. 5 days: Beginning of contractions, not painful, stopped overnight but not Braxton-Hicks either. Nauseous around lunch.
39w 6d: Lost cervical plug, started labor…

The Belly: ?

Weight gain: ?

Medical: Never had my appointment due to going into labor the day I was supposed to.

Mood: Tired of being pregnant finally. I think it’s a good sign.

Workout: Easy walks, hoping to get labor started. On Thursday I went on a walk while in labor, in the park, where I went to run so many times during pregnancy. It was the slowest walk I’ve ever done…
Monday: 2.21 Walk
Tuesday: 1.62 walk
Thursday: 1 mile, walk.

Total: 4.283i


Pregnancy Update Week 38

Symptoms: Same as last week really. Just more  and stronger Braxton Hicks. Baby is continuing to drop a little bit at at a time. I still sleep through the night, just wake up once or twice to use the bathroom. Sometimes the baby feels lower than others and I have to slow down and adjust my walking accordingly.

The Belly: 34 cm. No change.

Weight gain: none. Well actually without boots I would have been at-2 lbs. But I couldn’t remember if I kept my shoes on or not last time. It worries me at times but I was reading this pamphlet from our hospital and it’s not uncommon to loose weight at the end of pregnancy, the amniotic fluid level is lower, the body starts sweating out excess fluids, etc. So I guess I’m ok.

Medical:  Heartbeat was in the 130’s. My BP 120/75. The baby is very much to the right and my midwife gave me some laying down instructions to try to bring it more to the middle and avoid a posterior baby. At least I think that’s what she said. I got my first cervical check but didn’t want to know if I was dilated. So all I was told is high and soft.

Mood: Half of me is ready for this baby to come. I can’t wait to meet him or her and become parents. The other half just can’t seem to visualize what life will be like and is anxious about everything from birthing to taking the baby home. As a result I feel often like I’m almost in denial that this is happening. I know I’m pregnant, but it seems to me that I’m still going to be pregnant forever and I just keep on with my usual business. Being at work helps to keep me busy, but I wonder sometimes if it makes it harder to prepare myself mentally for what will happen?

Workout: An easy week overall. I did some yoga at home but can’t remember which day. No attempt to run this week, I was happy with some easy walking just to get some fresh air.

Wednesday: 1.44mi walk
Thursday: 1.4mi walk
Friday: 1.4 mi walk

Total: 4.24mi

Pregnancy Update 37 Weeks

 Symptoms: Braxton-Hicks contractions seem to continue to increase in both amount and intensity. Less heartburn this week but more sensations in my pelvis. I definitely feel big, but I don’t feel uncomfortable and ready to not be pregnant yet which makes me think this Lil’One still needs to cook.

The Belly: 34 cm.

Weight gain: -0.5lbs.

Medical:  Heartbeat was in the 140’s. My BP 110/75. The midwife estimated the baby to be around 5 1/2 pounds at this point. So it still needs to put on some weight if you ask me. Grow baby grow!

Mood: Wait what? I’m full term? Nah!!! While I know the chances of having this baby at 37 weeks are slim, I am still entering the official full term window. This Lil’One could come at any point within the next 4ish weeks. I’m not sure I really feel ready for this. I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the concept of what having a child means.

Workout: This turned out to be a good active week. The weather was pleasant allowing for several nice walks at the beginning of the week. I definitely have to slow down at times based on how the baby is positioned though. Then on Friday my husband wanted to go on a run and offered for me to hike in the meantime. Well… I didn’t want to, I wanted to try to run. So I did. Well it was more of a jog walk, but still! All the uphill had to be walked but I still felt pretty good and surprised my husband by going faster than he had expected. I guess I’m still in shape after all 🙂

Sunday:  prenatal yoga
Monday: 1.8mi walk
Tuesday: 1.17mi walk
Wednesday 1.26mi walk
Thursday: 1.3mi walk, trail
Friday: 1.92mi @13:37 pace, trail
Saturday: 2.36mi hike, trail
Total: 9.81 mi


Pregnancy 36 Weeks Update

Week 36

 Symptoms: Braxton-Hicks are coming more often. Nothing regular yet. Some days I barely feel them, some days I do several times in an hour. My chiropractor has helped with the heartburn, it hasn’t been as bad.
Baby has definitely started to drop, I can’t feel it all the time but sometimes when I get up or walk, or after walking for a while I just have to slow down based on some discomfort and odd feelings in the pelvis.
I’ve been getting more hungry too. I feel like a Hobbit having a first breakfast as I wake up, followed by a second breakfast with my husband, then a snack, then lunch, then a snack, then dinner and sometimes cereals and almond milk before I go to bed. How do I not gain weight with all that???

The Belly: 31cm which was less than last week and a sign that the baby dropped.

Weight gain: No change since last week.

Medical:  Baby dropped. Heartbeat was in the 130’s. My BP 108/60. The midwife wasn’t concerned about the belly’s size since as she said it’s a sign that the baby had dropped.

Mood: Happy. We received some good news for my husband and it lifts a huge financial weight from our shoulders. I had refused to stress about the situation, but still it’s good to know that things will be ok in the next weeks. Almost full term which seems hard to believe.

Random: My husband is nesting for the two of us. The house is pristine.

Workout: With the baby being further down I’ve given up on the chance to get back to running pre-baby. I did run for a couple of yards here and there during hikes, but I haven’t tried a real run. In a way I miss it but at the same time I’m ok slowing down and taking it easy until we meet our Lil’One. I guess I’ll just have to start from scratch post baby.  I just need to take more time for yoga for now.
Sunday:  prenatal yoga
Monday: 1.9mi walk
Thursday: 1.3mi walk, trail
Friday: Yoga at home
Saturday: 1.4mi hike, trail
Total: 4.6 mi

I can still look like I’m not pregnant, explain this to me?